Warehouse Construction

Building a Warehouse

What factors you should consider for budgeting? Depending whether you’re building a simple storage warehouse or refrigerated warehouse, for example, both construction costs and time will vary. Some factors that affect costs and time include

Type of Warehouse

Are you building a traditional bulk storage warehouse with fork lifts ? Or are you implementing an automated workflow complete with robotic systems and AS/RS conveyor systems? While additional systems and procedures will increase your initial costs you should know that billions of dollars are lost every year in warehouses – some of the losses occur because of misplacement or theft, and the rest results from stock damage.


Land cost is a big contributor to overall expenses. Smaller spaces are the most cost-effective and, by changing storage procedures, you can take advantage of storing more in less. Also, a land with no prior infrastructure and paperwork in place can put your project over the edge if not accurately planned for

Material Used

Most warehouses are either built using concrete tilt-up or pre-engineered metal construction. For smaller warehouses consider pre-engineered metal structures which tend to be cheaper and faster to construct. For large warehouses and distribution centres concrete tilt-up method is more cost-effective as total area increases

Energy Cost

While better building insulation and automatic lighting systems increase your building cost, investing into this kind of solutions will make a huge difference to your bottom line and the cost of these improvements will pay for themselves with relative speed. Another pro tip – consider reducing water consumption in little ways such as automatic flush low flow toilets and hands-free faucets.

Legal Requirements

These include time and resources for permitting, architectural design, insurance, engineering, taxes and more.

Analysis & Planning

Professional warehouse planning can seem like a waste of time for a smaller “out of the box” warehouse setup. However, with environmental requirements getting stricter and energy prices growing it’s critical to have professionals perform both an energy-efficiency analysis and a life cycle cost analysis (LCCA). These analyses serve as a process for formally calculating the ROI you can expect from building investments, allowing you to put numbers behind your design decisions.

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Warehouse Construction

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