Medical Facilities Construction

Doctors Office, Vets, and Healthcare Construction

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Healthcare, dental care and veterinary office construction services are in high demand to meet the needs our fast growing healthcare industry. Each project presents unique opportunities and challenges as campuses and facilities are updated and expanded to meet emergent needs with an eye toward the future. Because hospital, medical office building, retirement facility and recreation/fitness center construction are the source of the majority of our work as a construction firm, we take extra care to make sure all needs are met and expectations exceeded. Most of our construction Project Managers and Superintendents have received specialty training to work in medical environments and are ASHE (American Society of Healthcare Engineers) certified.

Building to Improve Health Care

Medical or Healthcare facilities need a particular approach. At Denham Corporation,Inc., our expert planners and managers have a complete comprehension of the requirements needed for all levels of a medical construction project.  Our unique approach to construction brings people to concentrate on patient care as priority #1, but also associates demanding elements particular to medical and healthcare such as infection control and equipment lead times into the project plan.

What We Do
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All medical facilities starts with a unique vision. At Denham Corporation,Inc., we bring your vision to life with a thorough approach that starts with cutting edge planning and continues throughout the life of the property. Our experienced planners and managers assure that your project meets your goals and expectations.

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Medical Office Construction Projects...That Stands Out

When you contact Denham Corporation, Inc., we will tell you all about our expertise with light commercial projects such as offices for doctor's office, dental office and even a vets offices. We can help you build the perfect place for you, your patients, and staff, so everyone can be comfortable and productive at the same time. We understand that building an entire office is an enormous project, and there are so many things to consider. Even if you already have the property, it’s important to make the right plan and have a vision for how your office will be. We are the experts who can help you figure out the design, construction, and costs of the office you need. We have the experience when it comes to professional dental and medical office projects, so you can rest assured that our medical office construction is what you’re looking for.

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